I graduated in 1996 with a Bachelor Honours degree in French and Chinese after which I embarked upon a kaleidoscopic journey into the visual and sonic arts. This is a brief introduction to how that happened and where it has led me today.

In 1997 I left London town with a backpack and a banana. My destination was France. I'm still here eating bananas but with camembert on the side. France seemed a good choice at the time but I always get itchy feet. I'm a curious guy, always looking to learn something new and share in that experience with others. After a short travel around the deep south where the sun lingers late and fine food and wine decorates every table, a harking call came from Paris. Work beckoned and the city of culture awaited my presence.

During my time in Paris, I undertook a number of professional titles; magazine editor, translator, assitant animation film director, sound designer, journalist, writer, coder and teacher. Initially, I spent five of those preliminary years working in traditional animation studios, learning the trade but more importantly grasping the particulars of each specialist. Working in all aspects of production, this was a wonderful formative experience and it became more and more apparent that I was gaining an avid interest in the artistic and graphic side to creation.


My first music demo

First sound design

Last sound design

Contacted by étapes: magazine in 2005, I was given the golden opportunity to indulge in that growing passion when I was asked to work on a motion design magazine. It was from this point that my work became more focused on design issues, both as an observer - the journalist - and also as a creator, specifically working with sound design. During my time at étapes: I had the honour to interview some of the great creative minds of our times and it was this contact with artists and designers that sparked a long-term interest into the mysteries of how and why we create.

Moving Image

DesignFlux Magazine

étapes: Magazine

Motion Design History

Selection of Video Interviews

As I met more and more creatives working in the digital, I became increasingly aware of, and indeed obsessed with, computer programming as a creative medium. It became apparent to me that this new digital landscape through code needed to be opened up to the crowd and for the better of all. Consequently, in 2010 I setup Processing Paris, a series of workshops and meet-ups for creatives wanting to learn more about this new medium of expression.

Non-Profit Projects

Processing Paris

Free Art Bureau

One of the principal motives for me working in this new medium has been to share my thoughts and help in getting more creatives to understand code and algorithmic thinking. I've had the pleasure in sharing my insight with others in the form of many lectures and workshops: [2, 4, 9, 10, 21, 23 ...]. I've also written for some respectful magazines on respectful matters and about respectful people.

Today I continue to pursue that passion for code and creation with a solid belief that code is an essential skill for any creative person working with the computer and wanting to explore its unique possibilities. It has become my medium of choice for both my practice and my teachings. To learn more about my work, please read on in the projects section. I'm happy to hear from others and I'm always open to collaboration, so please don't hesitate to contact me with an email.


Currently teaching at ésad d'Amiens

I organised & presented CO:DE/*SIGN

A nice workshop I organised & led

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